Healthy Holiday Guide – 4th Edition.


Happy Birthday America!

And yay! Amazing cooking is everywhere! Which means over eating… but, wait!

You don’t have to overeat this year. Try these simple tricks to help from indulging too much (but still indulge, it is a Holiday!)

  • It’s a summer holiday so there will be fruit all over the place. Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries (every other berry that is red or blue). So munch on all of those berries before having a “meal”.
  • Limit yourself to one plate of “good” home cooking food. It is a holiday so indulge in some corn dogs and potato salad! But don’t go back for seconds, I use this trick at Thanksgiving time too and I am also grateful I did once everyone is in nap mode and Black Friday shopping time rolls around.
  • If you’re drinking, try out some of these skinny cocktails!
  • Run around, play, jump on the trampoline, swim. The holiday isn’t just all about eating. Go out and burn off all those scotchie bars you just ate!
  • Have 2 desserts! We don’t have to have every single one but treat yourself with two & feel special.
  • Now watch some fireworks!

Happy 4th everyone :)

Got any neat healthy tricks for the holidays? Share with me below!!

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