Starting Fresh

Hello there, I’m Ashley. If you’ve been here before you’ll notice there has been a bit of cleaning done. If you haven’t been to One Dreamy Mess before, welcome!

It’s been a bit over two years since the last blog post and quite a bit has changed. I’m still just as passionate about health & fitness. I still work in Advertising. I still have an obsession with pugs. I still drink way too much wine.

So what has changed? I’ve added a few more races under my belt, became a fitness instructor, really expanded my yoga practice, and have a new best friend who has a really squished face and goes by the name of Nella.

I’ve cleaned up the old One Dreamy Mess to start fresh with new blog topics and bring in a new look. A lot changes in two years and diving back into writing online, I knew I didn’t want to scrap the old blog but decided not to continue where I left off. So we will transition into change, because change is always good for the soul.

So you have quite a bit to look forward to! I’m currently completing a no added-sugar challenge with a group of gals through my yoga studio and might just ramp it up next month into whole30, because why not? I also have a few trips planned in the next few months and really want to challenge myself to continue to be healthy while on the road.

I’ll be leaving for Cocoa Beach, FL on Thursday for a beach get-a-way for the weekend. Then in June and beginning of July, I’ll be off for weekend trips up North for a wedding and the Wanderlust 108 event. In the middle of July, my best friend Kala and I will road trip from Denver up North through Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Glacier, and Banff National Parks. And in November I’ll be off to North Carolina for the first time. There will also probably be a few other last minute trips thrown in there as well. I find the hardest part is not completely indulging in everything while on a trip and foregoing any spec of fitness. So this summer of trips I’m challenging myself to change that and keep One Dreamy Mess posted along this journey.