Mad <3 for my new scarf.

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Obsessed with my new scarf from World Market. Ear rings from Francesca’s & bracelets from Old Navy.

Jamming out to: Life Less Ordinary // Carbon Leaf

Big Miles.

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I have a 15 mile run today.

Yes, you read that right. 15 miles.

I wanted to get this long run done yesterday after I got off work at World Market but I ended up having to stay longer since another coworker called in sick. Now I am left to get this run done today since I won’t have time this weekend (I’m leaving for Colorado on Friday!!). And to top it off its 80 degrees outside!

I will defiantly be taking a water bottle with me.

But recently I have been really down on motivation. I have been putting in more miles lately but it seems I do everything in my power to avoid the longer runs. So of course, the only day I have free this week to get a good run in, it is 80 degrees outside.

I did an 8 miler last Thursday and the weather was perfect. Cloudy with a cool breeze and about high 60 degrees. Absolutely beautiful running weather. Seriously made me so ready for fall that’s just around the corner. I’m over running in this heat!

But to also boost my motivation on this super crazy hot Monday I’ve been binge reading Runner’s World articles and other runner’s blogs.

Anyone else struggling with lack of motivation on days of longer runs? What do you do to get out of the slump? 


Rise & Shine.

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Why I love morning workouts:

  1. They wake ya up better than a cup of joe.
  2. You have the whole rest of the day ahead of you.
  3. You get that amazing feeling that you’re conquering the world while everyone else is still sound asleep.
  4. Boost your brain power!
  5. Gives ya the warm fuzzies so you’re all happy go lucky going into work.

Now, I am not a morning person at all but on days that I get my lazy bum out of bed and pound some pavements in those early hours of the day I am the happiest person on earth.


Oh, and it is Friday! Which makes a person extra happy :)

Tropical Heaven.

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Last weekend I put together THE BEST smoothie ever! I’m a huge fan of tart, citrus smoothies. Like, I would totally pass up a chocolate milkshake for some mango and pineapple blended into some yogurt.

So the other day I was rummaging through my fridge and noticed I haven’t been eating up the Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt I recently purchased. Which made me go into an anxiety frenzy of thinking of ways I could use it before the tub expired. Then I threw together this concoction:

  • Tropical Fruit Blend (from Target) – a few handfuls
  • Dole Pineapple Orange Banana Juice – 1 can
  • Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt – 3-4 scoops
  • Coconut shavings – 1/3 cup

Blend these ingredients together & then sit back and allow your taste buds to love the heck out of you for whipping up such awesomeness.

Rain, Rain, stay for a while.

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It’s been raining all week here in South Dakota and I’m not bummed one bit about it! Being a runner I should be a bit angry with this not so pleasant weather the past couple days but with a bum knee and a swollen ankle I’ve been warming up the bench and not playing in the game for the last week.

This weather also gives me an excuse to wear layers and scarves. :)

So since I’ve been stuck inside and forced to not even be able to run on a treadmill (thank goodness, because I hate the machine of boredom.) I’ve put together a list of work outs you can do right in your own livingroom:

  • Yoga, who doesn’t love some good yoga stretches. I am horrible with balance anyways so I should incorporate more yoga into my weekly workout plans. I have attended a few classes and boy, is that embarrassing to not have balance! I’ll just stick to working out in the solitude of my own home. Check out this youtube video for a great 20 min sequence of yoga poses that are great for runners.
  • Dance! It’s a great way to boost your mood and it’s fun.
  • Wii Fit, I’ve been wanting to purchases this for a while and I’ve always heard great things about it.
  • Pilates (yoga’s very underestimated cousin)
  • Strength training. Pick up a pair of dumbbells or a kettle ball at your local Target and do arm & ab exercises while watching TV.
  • Or just go old school and give a workout DVD a spin!