Autumn Must-haves.

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I finally broke out the long socks & boots this morning because there is a cold front going through South Dakota right now. Currently its a whooping 50 degrees and I’m totally cool with that!

I love wear tons and tons of layers, sipping hot coffee, and enjoying the beautiful colors of fall. So bring on the cold weather!

Since I’m all Fall crazy right now I put a list together of the must-have-can’t-live-without-items you need for the season & as a special treat I added in a couple of links I’ve been obsessing over lately:

  • Scarves, and a ton of them. Once mid-September hits you won’t see me without a scarf around my neck. There my favorite accessory.
  • Hot Chocolate, Hot Coffee & Mulled Wine. All the essential warm drinks for Fall.
  • Candy Corn!!
  • Boots – ankle, knee high, combat. All & every single type because one thing you won’t see from me after mid-September is my ankles!
  • A new favorite show to binge watch on Netflix. I am currently feeding my addiction of American Horror Story because Hello, scary movies all day, everyday since it is the Halloween season.
  • Cardigans. I am a fan of the oversized sweater look but personally I haven’t found an oversized sweater I can pull off without looking like a frump. So I stick to comfy cardigans over everything.
  • Yummy baking recipes – especially bread recipes!
  • Mittens because I am a freak about not letting my hands get cold.
  • Pumpkins all over every knick and cranny.
  • Huge knitted blankets to snuggle up in on cold days.

Dos Halfs.

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Second Half Marathon was accomplished on September 7, 2014!

Ignore my awkward shaped arm in the photo above but this is the only photo I took yesterday to send to my madre pre-race.

I finished in 2:24 and was actually pretty happy with my time. This is about the exact same as my first half but this race I ran the whole time through. No walking!

Which I thought was a pretty awesome accomplishment until my hips locked up after the finish line. Seriously, most painful experience of my life. I immediately regretted not stretching out my muscles throughout the race. I was unable to walk because I felt like I was going to faint if I put pressure on my hips. I waited at the finish line (leaning up against a fence) for my friend Mel to come through and then I had to have her support me so I could get around (and get my free banana!). Luckily, there were free massages so I was all about that.

The weather was perfect as well. It was a nice 60 degrees and the sun was shinning.

I am having some knee pain today but that’s not a surprise at all. I am just glad I can walk again!

Next up a mud run in a few weeks & then my third half out in the mountains (which I am actually really nervous for the change in elevation!).


Coffee Grind.

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I just dropped a boat load on candles at Bath & Body Works. I did so because I hate shopping. I’ll repeat I hate shopping!!! It’s really not something I enjoy spending my free time doing. I don’t have the patience to go searching through mountains of products and then spend ridiculous amounts of moolah on one item. So I avoid shopping as much as possible.

Even grocery shopping.

But I did really want new candles and I needed a new car scentcy because I accidently sent my off with my old car that I sold last night.

So I awarded myself with this horrible dead with Caribou.

My drink:

Iced Americano with two pumps White Chocolate & a little bit of milk.


Carbs, Carbs, everywhere.

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I’ve been in a process to cut back on carbs. There is this whole craze about “gluten” that people have been racking their brains with for a while now.

I was having a talk with one of my bosses the other night about it and her opinion is carbs are an addiction. They’re like sugar or caffeine. The more we feed our bodies with it the more we crave it.

Now I eat a lot of carbs. Pretty much every meal. So, lately I have been trying to cut back to see how it affects my body and mood. I will say, after a few days I do feel lighter. Like I am floating on a cloud…. okay, not that amazing but it is nice to incorporate different things into my daily meals other than pasta.

Have you guys ever tried to cut back on the-oh-so-delicious carbs?


Lumberjack Wardrobe.

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Did I tell you how unbelievably excited I am to be wearing Fall clothing?!

The weather is a bit cloudy today in South Dakota so I am using that as an excuse to wear flannel. And I almost caved today & purchased a pair of Doc Marten boots….. but not yet. I can’t bring myself to spend so much on a pair of shoes just yet.

Espresso ‘self. (Fall Edition)

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Happy, happy September everyone!

I am so excited for Fall. Not because I am a pumpkin lovin’ everyone type of person but because of the colors, the smells, Halloween, and do I even need to mention Flannel!!!

I spent a bit of time my Labor day weekend baking different types of breads (recipes up soon)because it’s finally my favorite season of the year. I can’t wait to make a bunch of DIY projects, decorate my apartment, go on chilly runs in crew neck sweaters, snuggle up on the couch with a huge comforter and have movie marathons while sipping hot cocoa.

And this year I am going to perfect the pumpkin pie. Because there is never a wrong time for pie!

Fall To Do List