Espresso ‘self.

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Say hello to your new part-time World Market employee. That’s right, I got a second job as a sales associate at the coolest store ever. I shop there about 2-3 times a week so it only seemed right to get a job there as well. Even the cashier made a comment when I went in for my interview saying “You are always in here!”

The store is awesome. The whole idea around the business is to sell products based off different culture themes. Everything they sell is eclectic & unique, which I would like to think my style is like that as well.

Life has been moving pretty quickly lately (& I have not stopped to look around once in awhile). My half marathon is under 2 weeks away and I am beginning to get nervous/excited. My schedule the next couple weeks will be a worldwind of running, working my advertising gig, & beginning my second job. If you also saw in my last post, I was picked to run in the Chicago marathon. This is an amazing opportunity that I possibly can’t miss & I love all the support you guys show! But unfortunately, I decided to give my entry to one of my closest girlfriends, Jenna. I’ll explain my decision in another post.

Today I am going to attempt my furthest run so far. 10 miles. I know, scary. My reward will be eating all the Reeses eggs I can possibly shove into my mouth later today. :) But absolutely no ham, I hate that shit.

Happy Easter my bloggy friends.

P.S. I’ve been going crazy purchasing spring sundresses & heels. Everything is so cute I might just have to dedicate them to a lil fashion show post.

In the morning I miss the music more & more.

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 Recap of one crazy, amazing weekend. I love myself some short weekend vacations. They’re like one short break from reality that fly by in a flash and feel like they weren’t even real.

Rebelution show was amazing. The people were fabulous. The atmosphere was magic. The above photo is my girl, Becca & myself with the lead singer after the show at the after party in the basement bar.

Everything about Des Moines, IA was fabulous. I wish I could rewind back to Friday and relive the whole weekend over again. Other than the show my favorite part was the small arcade bar that was filled with arcade games and gigantic versions of jenga. Now what could possibly be better than a Sunday Funday, drinking beer & playing arcade games?


Winna Winna.

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Last week I entered myself into the lottery to register myself in the Chicago marathon.

This week I was picked. Say whaaaaaaa?!

I have till Friday to fully register. I don’t know what to do.

Homemade Face Mask.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.44.23 PM

I did my coconut oil & honey hair mask last night. The process of putting the slimy oil into my hair absolutely disgust me. The whole process is just gross. But the results are amazing! I left it in over night and washed the mask out in the shower this morning. My hair feels beautiful, I wouldn’t go to the extremes to say it’s thicker or growing faster just yet. But I will say I am going to try and do a hair mask at least once a week to repair the damage I’ve done with the hair blow dryer & straightener.

I also ran 9 miles today. It was miserable. I could barely finish and feel like death and I blame it all on the fact that I am not eating enough carbs. I am also not eat enough. Which is soooooo important once you begin logging really long distances.

Note to self: EAT MORE before long runs!

On a better note, I also did a home face mask with baking soda and water….. yes, just that! I love doing homemade beauty tricks because if I have the ingredients then why not try it out? And it’s going to be a whole lot cheaper than anything you’ll find at the grocery store. Face mask directions: stir together  baking soda & water (make sure there is more baking soda to water ratio), place goo on face and let sit for 10 minutes. Goo will harden while sitting. Now wash away with wash water and dry yo’ face. Feel the freshness!

You can also use baking soda to whiten teeth, add it to your bath to relive itchy, winter dry skin, or use as a sunburn remedy.


Espresso self.

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Weekly life updates: I’ve recently started back up my hobby of learning code. I’m a closeted nerd and love to learn everything there is to know about marketing, business & technology.

The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever. Seriously, in all of history. What a neat tool we have at the tips of our fingers to find out any information our hearts desire. So I might as well know how to create a freakin’ website! And it’s super easy over at which signing up to easily learn html language is FREE! That’s pretty awesome for all of us nerds.

Nerds unite! (Quietly,via the internet all behind our computers :) )

I’m going on a mini vacation to Des Moines, IA this coming weekend. Go ahead and laugh, all you readers that just went on a tropical spring break trip. But I am actually pretty darn excited. I’ve realized just lately that I haven’t left the state of South Dakota since my trip home to Chicago in November. I’ve been over to the gorgeous west side of the state a few times but not past the border line. So I am quite anxious to get away for a bit. I get stir crazy when I haven’t been on a trip in awhile. I am the complete opposite of homesick. I get quite crabby when I haven’t gotten to explore new places and experience new adventures.

The reason for my trip is my favorite reggae band, Rebelution is playing at a small club in downtown Des Moines. They are originally from California and are getting pretty popular. Me and a few girlfriends are making a weekend trip out of the whole deal. It’s going to be a pretty gooooooood time. Which means, I’m already anticipating the weekend so this week of work is going to drag on. I can already feel it.

Which means there is a lot more cups of coffee in my near future.

Wake up!

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Yesterday I was feeling quite weak. All day, just tired.

I went for a run in the morning and felt so weak I had to stop after 2 miles and walk back home.

I had that feeling where you’re outside of your body watching yourself just be a bore. I was hanging out with people all day long but I wasn’t showing any real emotions. My response to everything was faking laughing and nodding my head.

I had coffee. I ate chocolate. I drank a bloody mary. And still no energy.

I blame this all on my eating habits.

I’ve been trying to change my eating routine around lately. Much so that I have cut a lot of carbs out of my diet. Not willingly, or knowingly.

I am just trying to be healthier so my body feels better. It’s a trial & error process obviously since this last week wasn’t so hot for me.  For the last week I was usually eating yogurt for breakfast (with a few cups of coffee, of course), veggies & ranch veggie dip for lunch, whole wheat crackers for a snack, and a platter of cheese, sea salt vinegar chips, and summer sausage meat slices for dinner.

No wonder I was all wore out by the time Saturday rolled around. I wasn’t feeding my body any good protein. Today I am going to make hard boiled eggs.

Other protein snacks I am going to start including in my meals is trail mix, grilled chicken & fish, and protein bars.

The little things.

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Small changes make a huge difference in living a healthier lifestyle. I tend to have a more extreme personality when I take on new hobbies. I’ll have phases where I am super healthy about every aspect of my life. I’ll work out 4 to 5 times a week, eat fruits, veggies, grilled chicken & fish and make sure I am taking all my vitamins. Then I’ll have phases where I just say “what the heck” and eat a whole pizza. I’ve never been the time to go slow. It’s all or nothing in my lifestyle. But with healthy choices, it really shouldn’t be that way. Indulgences are key to success (just not a WHOLE pizza).

Find out what works for your lifestyle and try making small changes throughout your day. Have a yogurt in the morning instead of a waffle with butter & syrup. Taking the stairs, seriously. We hear this all the time but then I am bringing in bags of groceries and I laugh at the thought of having to carry them up the stairs. But why not? It’s just like weights. Try 5 minute yoga in the mornings right when you wake up. Roll out of bed and wake those muscles up with a few good stretches. Drink tea instead of coffee or soda. My favorite is Diet Raspberry Snapple. Park half a mile away from your destination or don’t drive at all! Spring is finally here so it is the perfect time to give the vehicle a break and take the bike out for a spin up to the grocery store. My plan is to find a cute wicker basket to attach to my bicycle so I can carry my items in that.

So let’s try out this challenge together, how are you going to incorporate small healthy changes into your life?